Wordpress Website Piece of Mind Service Explained

MONTHLY FEE: for just £49 (USD $69) per website per month, the ‘Peace of Mind’ website maintenance service provides you with:

Backups: Website backups to third-party storage, such as Amazon AWS
(note: storage fees billed directly to you by provider)

Updates: Ensuring WordPress core and plugins are safely updated

Performance: Hosting and other site speed optimisation checks

Security: Running periodic Malware and security checks

Licensing: Ensuring recommended plugins are licensed, minizing additional cost to you

Break-fix: If issues arise as they sometimes do, I notify you and take charge of fixing things ##

## where the site was not built by me, the first 30 minutes of a break-fix incident is covered, thereafter I will present you with options and costs for additional time or resources required.
Additional blocks of hours for edits/changes to your site are available upon request.

FIRST PAYMENT: as your site was not built by me, your initial charge is £149 (USD $200), which includes 'Discovery' time for me to learn about your site. It also includes a call with you via Zoom or Skype when we will discuss:

Hosting: where your site is hosted and any thoughts you have on that

Site speed: your hosting and site performance insights

Theme & design: we will look at how your site was built and how it is maintained

Plugins: a review of the plugins used on the site, their use and any licensing

Analytics: how you are tracking visitors and usage of the site

Credentials: we will set up a means to securely share login details for various services and accounts involved with your website.

Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Does this cover hosting fees for my website?
    No. You are responsible for paying a hosting provider to host your website. If you need trustworthy recommendations, feel free to ask.
  • Why do you bill in £ GBP?
    SImple really. My first clients were based in the UK. Now I am proud to serve people around the world. Based on demand, I may change my pricing to $ US at some point.
  • What other charges are there?
    You are responsible for paying hosting charges and any third-party storage costs, associated with off-site backups. I recommend using Amazon AWS, which is really affordable and offers rock-steady global datacenters.
  • My hosting provider takes backups, do I need additional ones?
    Your website is critical to your business. If something happens to your hosting provider or their backup service, you will have piece of mind that there's a complete and recent backup of your website sitting somewhere-else for you to use, if required.
  • Do you only support Wordpress websites
    Yes. I have been working with Wordpress websites for as long as I can remember and before that, I hand-coded websites.
  • I have an ecommerce site using WooCommerce or Shopify - can you help?
    At the present time I do not support WooCommerce or Shopify - but if you would like to discuss whether I can help you, please email ryan@soperpowell.me
  • I have more than one website for you to help me with, what do I do?
    An active Piece of Mind subscription covers one website. Please go through the sign up process one time per website you wish to activate the subscription for. If you have a website running on a sub-domain (i.e. courses.yourdomain.com), which is completely separate from your main site (yourdomain.com), this counts as two sites.

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Website POM Maintenance (New Site)£149

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  • Website POM Maintenance (New Site)£149
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